Greece 09

December 2009 ..... the first time Sue and I had been to Greece, and the 10th country in which weíve seen BOC.  (Well, thatís if you include Scotland and Wales, anyway .....!!)

A chance to see a bit of Greek history .... not to mention some very British weather. But a great weekend, nonetheless ......


Below, left: Wherever we went in Athens, we kept bumping into this bunch of reprobates ....!

Right: Sue in her usual spot outside Gagarin 205, Athens. Two hours before the doors opened ....  Also with Makis, on the right, who was a great companion, translator and taxi-driver throughout the weekend!  The other is Andy, who was fourth in line at the door, having flown in from Moscow just for the show - his first BOC show ......

Greece02 Greece01

Biggest surprise of the weekend was when Franco and Lisa suddenly appeared - it was great to catch up with them again.
Itís funny how standing down at the front at a BOC show feels much the same whether itís in the UK, France or Greece.  However the Athens crowd was notable for being considerably younger, slimmer, and less bald than its UK counterpart ......

Greece04 Greece03

A couple of band shots.  But then youíve seen these things before .....

Greece 05 Greece06
Greece07 Greece08 Greece09

On to Thessaloniki, and something of a feeling of deja vu .... Iím sure Iíve seen these people before!!

Greece11 Greece13 Greece12

And finally ..... why do so many of our holidays seem to end like this?  In a motorway service station, somewhere on the M6, dosing up with caffeine to see us through the last few miles .....
Well worth it, though!!!


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